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NEED stock sub amp wiring diagram ASAP


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April 8, 2001
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2000 XLT Sport 5.0 Turbo
(2000 explorer with MACH? factory sub)

I have torn out the rear panel to install my new amp, but I have lost my wiring diagram for the input of the stock subwoofer amp (Mom probably threw it away). I am at home and I dont have a meter or oscilloscope with me. Which wires are power and which are signal? I need to get finished today because I have to drive back to school tonight.

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For a '95, should be close enough:


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    sub amp copy.jpg
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This is the closest I got on my search. I bought Loco Offroad's stock sub but without the connector that goes into the bottom of the sub amp. Anyone have the pin-outs of the connector on the stock sub amp?

While I'm at it I guess I'll shoot for the moon too....anyone actually have the connector to sell me so I can hook this up instead of soldering to tiny pins inside the connector slot?

How much?