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Need Sub opinions


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July 2, 2002
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austin, texas
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98 eddie bauer
Well, i'm currently redoing my system.. Putting down about 300sqft of sound deadener, rerunning all power and rcas, touching things up here and there. Gonna make this my final car stereo for this vehicle(98EB). I will be doing a custom fiberglassed box that will hold 2 12" subs. I need some opinions on which ones. I'm fairly set on the Zapco c2k 9.0 amp which does 2200w at 2ohm. Budget isn't really a concern. I'd like to get a sub that has about 1100-1200w rms rating and either dual 2ohm coils or single 4 ohm. So far, i've found a few I liked. The eclipse Pro titanium 12s, the JL 12w7s, and the Magnums. Opinions on anything here or elsewhere?

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are you gonna sell your old stuff????????

If you can make one with Dual 4 OHM VC's, I'm selling my Audiobahn Flame Q 12... 1100 Watts RMS...

Old stuff was already sold sorry. I kinda want to stay away from audiobahn, not really fond of their products. I would like to stay with sound quality stuff, as I may compete in IASCA down the road a bit. The brahma would allow me to only run 1 sub to its capabilities due to its extremely high power consumption. What do ya'll think of 2 12 or 13 w7s?? What about pheonix gold.. Anyone have any exp with them?? What about the magnum d2s?

2 12 or 13W7s is gonna set you back quite a bit, but if you are gonna spend the $$$, get the 13s, its just more output. I dont think you need that though, REs or EA12s would be pretty freaking loud. If you want loud, you can go with Mmats juggernaut or's 9915b or 9917b

I guess JL Audio Stuff is really good

I've had a 12w7 before and heard 4 13w7s at a time. I dont know if the price difference($120) is worth it for the extra 1" of sub.. I dont know if I would be able to hear $250 more of sub between 2 12 or 2 13s..
nweibley: I would really like to stick to 12s due to size constraints.. Sometimes I'm hauling quite a bit of stuff around. Also, I used to have a 9512 for a while but didn't like the clarity.