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Need suggestions with plans for removing a body lift. Mostly what to do about the tires


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April 2, 2004
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91 XLT
We dont use our old 91 4x4 explorer anymore and i was going to ditch it for a cheap truck i could use as a new backup car which is all this is currently. I would actually use a truck for dump runs, yard work, home depot etc. Thing is the explorer is pretty good and currently rangers are expensive, or beat to death and all seem to be high mileage. Also few 4x4 for sale. And few manuals (aint dealing with a ranger automatic with 175k on the clock) Aside from clear coat finally going and the tires being old, my explorer is decent. I was thinking then to just keep it and get a cheap utility trailer. Thing is im older and safety matters and im kind of afraid to drive it for safety reasons. It has a body lift and 10 year old tires no airbag and 1980s safety design. Also, I hate the body sitting higher than the bumper. Never wanted to move them, again, didnt seem safe. Ended up leaving the rear not lifted.
I was going to just pull the body lift and go with smaller tires but I have 4.56 gears and it seems to scream on the freeway already. Tach says 2850 at 60 in 5th but I think that isnt accurate.

Since its just going to be very low use type thing, should I just run the 31s (I had some on fit fine before the lifts) or should I put on 32x11.5 and trim or with the 1.5-2 inch of suspension lift and some of those offroad fibeglass fenders maybe keep the 33x12.5s or perhaps 33x10.5. I have 15x8 steels rims with I think 3.75 inch backspace. Whatever this site recommended for the 33s. not sure you can put a 31x15 tire on an 8 wide inch rim

I also really hate it has no airbag so I may still go for the high mileage wore out ranger and just get a 2wd but since this thing would be seeing so low use I guess that limits the likely hood im in a crash in it. It also means I wouldnt put many more miles on a high mileage ranger either.

im not opposed to trimming or buying the fiberglass. Worse case I could cut the lift pucks down to one inch. Seems safer than 3.

TLDR, if I pull my body lift and just have the 1.5 inch of suspension lift, should what size tires should i run that will work with the 15x8 rims and 4.56 gears.
Also, can I use the long bolts that came with the body lift without it? I dont know if I have all the originals. I think I have 6 or 7 of them though.

I'm running 285/75-16's on one of mine which come to 33"

This poor thing is sagging so bad it's sitting on the bump stops! I trimmed the fenders (inner & outer) and they clear pretty well until my 132x springs show up. I would say go with 33's, should be fine with your 2" lift and trim if you rub, it's not that hard to do. No pics of my inner fender, they needed some trimming too.