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Need these heater hose parts/names still, I'm stuck?!?!


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May 15, 2006
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Ok still stuck here, been to auto stores, and not a single one carries the accurate heater core hoses for a 5.0. The ones listed don't even look the same let alone molded for the correct bend when you pick them up (thought the pics looked wrong). I called rockauto, and thought they transfered me to a "mechanic" and though the guy was trying to help he had no clue either. Told me to take mine off and measure and see the shape, problem is I had to cut and butcher the hoses b/c either a) someone at Ford somehow got the clamps upside down at the engine where not even a 90 degree plier could get to while on a hose or b) these are installed on the engine before it's dropped in then connected to the heater core, one or the other as there is zilch room or angle to get anything to those clips. Spent a couple hours trying to get those clips off and and cutting the bottom of the hoses.

There's a bunch of various hoses and they all say stuff like valve to pipe 1, valve to pipe 2, valve to whatever etc. One is an inlet, one is an outlet, why can't anybody just list it like that lol. The outlet hose I see just doesn't look like the one on my truck nor other 5.0 pictures I've seen. Wanted to get this done asap at least by weekend, but who knows know till we figure out which exact hoses these are and shipping.

Anybody know which these hoses are or on Rockauto? Searched all over here and not a single post about what their called or what part/hose to use, unless I missed something?

Here's kinda how their molded

And also what the heck is this? It seperate the hose like a T-fitting, and has a vacuum line attached that pulls out. Nothing in Haynes, and no pictures, they show a 2nd Gen with the exact same hose layout as a 5.0 except theirs doesn't have whatever this thing is.

Here's what Advance and some other auto part stores carry for 5.0 Explorer/Mountaineer heater hose and say it's for inlet and outlet for the heater core, wtf?!? One guy acted ****y like well it's in the system so it's 100% accurate as they don't put anything in the system that doesn't belong, took him outside and showed him and he was like ummmm uhhhh ummmm yeah your right

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The thing in your second picture is a heater valve.

The thing in your second picture is a heater valve.
Ahh, weird how it doesn't show in Haynes. They even have an exact picture of my hose layout but no heater valve and it has to be a 5.0, as the sohc hoses come out pretty straight. Weird....

Still stuck on parts though, nobody seems to know what two hoses to order that connect to the heater core. Searching on here gives nothing, googl'ing gives nothing. I can't be the only one thats ever had to replace these lol :scratch: , can find the V6 ones no prob, 5.0 nada. Shop I stopped by other day as they were the only one open at the time even said their not sure and would have to make some calls and find out, never heard back from them. They had the V6 parts, but apparently all these years have never had to do a 5.0 Explorer/Mountaineer. They went through hoses they had, nothing remotely close to whats on the 5.0 trucks. 5.0 Mustangs yes, but their molded different from the trucks. Ughhh :roll:

Whats the year/make/model of the truck you're having issues with?

That heater hose arrangement just doesn't look factory to me.

2000 Mountaineer 5.0, original hoses. I've had the truck since new. Only put a T on the inlet line for flushing. Heater core hose setup is same as other Explorer/Mountaineer V8s, no other way for tubes to run as the connecting points are at the rear of the engine at an angle.

Ok... looks like I'm (and any 5.0 owner) are SOL. Ford doesn't make them anymore, have spoken to 2 Ford dealers today and 1 big dealer (Auto-nation) who all said they used to fab up their own for awhile but don't anymore and if a 5.0 Explorer/Mountaineer comes in for work, they turn them away if its the hoses from the heater core, only one that can be replaced easily is the short piece that's straight that connects from firewall to heater control valve. Said people would come back with issues from leaking or cracks developing. Asked about springs to form hose, but thats what they did. Spoke to a large wholesaler of parts to dealerships, samething, nothing, basically the only parts Ford nor aftermarket make for these trucks anymore for whatever reason.

So no clue what to do... kinda crazy that a truck could be in perfect working order but completely useless and junkyard ready b/c of two stupid little hoses. I can't be the only 5.0 owner on here that's ever had to replace them?

I suggest you drop trying to match the stock hose configurations and create your own hose routing using standard heater hoses.

Be creative. The point is to connect two points with a hose, not replicate what a Ford engineer came up with.

Engineered obsolescence is the new mother of invention.

I suggest you drop trying to match the stock hose configurations and create your own hose routing using standard heater hoses.

Be creative. The point is to connect two points with a hose, not replicate what a Ford engineer came up with.

Engineered obsolescence is the new mother of invention.
Think its the only thing I can try, but when dealers and shops won't do them now after trying to fab their own up isn't that telling? lol . Seems it can be done, but they said people would come back eventually with leaks from crack or pin hole developing even with springs. Literally their exact words were they now turn away working on 5.0 Explorer/Mountaineers if its the heater hoses that need replaced :thumbdwn::roll:

Problem is, your saying to create your own. Unfortunately theres no room or route otherwise except the way the stock hoses are, which was the reason their molded and crammed in there. Theres no other way to run them as parts are in the way or the engine is in the way on the 5.0. Been looking outside and making drawings to see if they could reroute, but don't see any way without following the Ford bends. Looking at other car engines, most can easily be rerouted no prob or at least formed a different way, but on these 5.0 trucks not really a choice.

Can't believe I'm the only one thats ever posted about this for the 5.0 on here from searching. If someone did managed to fab something up wish they had posted about it lol. I've modded other vehicles, put LT headers on a Raptor which is considered a royal pain in the arse and it was, did work on our boat engines, but looking at these two stupid little hoses and trying to figure them out has me going duhhhhhhhhhh like Homer...

Hello Beach,

Back in September, I refurbished the cooling system on my 1999 5.0L AWD Explorer Limited. For the heater core hoses, I used the following Gates hoses from RockAuto:

18933 pipe 2 to heater valve hose
19183 heater to pipe 1 hose

I just checked RockAuto, these are still valid part numbers. 18933 is available for $5.85, and 19183 is available for $6.99.

The hose from the heater core to the heater valve is just plain heater hose.

These hoses fit just fine. Mind you, it was a holy ***** to get the stock spring clamps on and off. I had to use several different pliers, and most of my best curse words.


New and old heater hoses


Pipe 2 to heater valve hose, heater valve, and short heater hose


Heater core to pipe 1 hose


Heater core connections


Engine connections

Good Luck!

Seth K. Pyle

Seth K. Pyle

Your the f'n man! Those are the hoses I had in cart at Rockauto but didn't pull the trigger other day as they still looked different (pry b/c I was looking at it after its connected which forms it even more) and even the mechanic or whomever I spoke to there was looking up a schematic for the engine and still wasn't sure. Long as they would work that's all I needed to hear. I already have the straight cut as I had spare tubing and already cut it in two pieces for the flushing T and control valve. I only knew them as inlet and outlet but was sure with the pipe names.

Will be way better than gabbing up lol. Can't believe even my own dealer I got the truck from 15 years ago new wouldn't even touch it as they won't even fab up hose anymore for these trucks (well just the heater core). Even Parts Authority where a ton of dealers source wholesale parts from especially rare/hard to find, didn't even carry these.

And yes, getting the old hoses off was nutz. Even tore part of a glove and cut my hand and have bruises. I don't know how yours was, but on mine the engine hose clamps are literally upside down slightly angled to where a 90 degree plier could even get to it. I had to cut and butcher the hose into pieces, and still have to get the clamps and what's left of the hose on the connectors as I said f'it other day and was done. Neighbor was doing his sprinkler lines same time so he and I were cursing back and forth.

I see no way they got those hoses and clamps on unless they were installed on engine first before dropping in chassis.

You are quite welcome!

Seth K. Pyle

Ha, never seen a tool like that, been using 90 degree pliers/needle nose for clamps for years.

Saw those on a Youtube video for changing a radiator the other day. Pretty darn nifty.

I have one of those. Not bought from Sears, but I am pretty sure it's the same one that Sears sells. Quite useful, but the jaws don't open far enough for the large bottom radiator hose. I also own the directly operated version (no cable), which I generally find more useful.
Agree, people here ROCK! Here's a plier for those PITA constant tension hose clamps, although still prefer them to the worm gear type.

This forum rocks! I was just about to order the 87668 hose pictured, but I thought I better check with the experts. Thanks to you guys I was able to order the right hoses from O'Reilly by part number. Don't know why those didn't come up when I looked on their site.:thumbsup: