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Need to add Fog Lights - Suggestions?

My 2015 Police Interceptor has hard plastic where fog lights should go.
Any suggestions on how to open those up to put in fog lights, and which fog lights to put in?



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July 30, 2009
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You could cut holes but IIRC the trim piece with the fog light openings is a different part # that would have been installed instead.

I'd go with factory fog lights, or at least start with them, which means you probably need the brackets which Rock Auto has, or pull from a junkyard donor vehicle along with the lights themselves. Once you see how they mount, then you can consider whether to stick with stock fog light housings or change to aftermarket that mount the same, OR make your own bracket compatible with something else.

If you really need fog lights, don't get cold color temp (5K or higher) LED, as light that far towards blue is blinding in fog, bounces right back off the fog.


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December 22, 2021
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fan of the ambers here. although they arent any brighter, to our eyes, it works better. theres some science behind it i dont understand