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need to bleed fuel?


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November 22, 2000
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If you take the fuel system(injectors, manifold, etc.) do you have to bleed the fuel?

I dunno. I didnt when I changed my head gaskets and injectors. I would assume that any air in the system would be either returned to the gas tank or injected into the engine which might cause a lean condition for the couple seconds or so before all the air is gone. I wouldnt worry about it if i were you, but someone with more experience on this board may be able to help.


I turned the key to the run position a few times before I started my rebuild and that seemed to work. You can hear the pump working against the pressure buildup. Started on the first crank. Also looked/listened for leaks after the fuel system was pressurized.

Yeah i forgot i did that too. I think someone on here told me to run the fuel pump a couple times before I started it after the rebuild.