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need to increase back pressure...


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November 12, 2002
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Toronto. Canada
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1998 xlt
Hi there. I have in intake and magnaflow muffler (2 in, 3" single out). And it appears that i need more back pressure, so my quesiton is - how to achieve this?

I sort of still want something that perhaps sounds a little better, but the sound is not a priority, fuel economy is.

As i see it, my two options are I can get a stock type muffler, which will make it quiter, but still a little different due to the tip, or (now this is a little strange) can i turn around the muffler, put a 'Y' pipe on the dual 'in' so it fits into the single out and then have two tail pipes? SO essentially reverse the muffler? That's got to give me a nice bit of back pressure, but would it be too much to screw up the sound a lot?

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What's your reasoning that you need to increase backpressure.

What diameter is your tailpipe, or is it still stock?

Get a whistle-tip, that should give you some back pressure and that WOO-WOO.

If you have a tailpipe larger than 2.5", go to 2.5". If it is 2.5" already, go to 2.25". That'll only cost $30-40 and is your best option if you want to increase backpressure but keep your Magnaflow.

Why will increasing backpressure increase mileage? I'm confused on why you want to do this...

"Well you wanna WOO WOO!!!"

I think back presssure is a misleading term. The point is to have the exaust system which creates laminar flow at the greatest flow rate. Laminar flow is much more efficient than turbulant flow.