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Need to replace manual seat with power seat in 2004 Base Explorer.


June 17, 2014
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Quincy, WA
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2004 Ford Explorer
Hey Guys,

I'm really tall (6'6") and need to figure out what to do about my wife's 2004 Explorer. It's the base model so the seats are manual and the driver's side is way too high for me to drive it comfortably. I've found a tan cloth power LH seat at a yard 170 miles away. Will a power seat give me the required adjustments (height and maybe more depth? If not is there another option? Will I need anything else besides the seat, rack, and harness to console to convert to power (if it really will drop the seat)?


I initially created this in the wrong sub-forum.

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All the electrical switches are in the seat, no switches on the dash, so that seems like it will work. Mine has plenty of adjustability. The front and rear tilt has a lot of effect on leg room in addition to the front and rear travel. Probably need to add a fuse to get power to it, and that sends you all the way to the fuse panel for the wiring. Go to the spare seat, sit in it and decide for yourself if it fits your butt.

Thanks, I wish I could go sit in the one I want, but it's 270 miles away in Portland. :( I'll try to find an owner with a power seat (there's one down the block) and sit in it.

The seats are one thing that Ford didn't wire a jumper for. That is, if you have an XLS model, there isn't a pre run wire as part of your harness that you only need to plug into.

The fuse box may not be pinned for it either (meaning the spot where the fuse/relay would go won't have contacts.) Seats are hot at all times. So if you grab as much of the harness as possible, you can just splice in enough to run to power.

This should be the case of you have the XLS model, though there could be exceptions by year.

You can look under your seat now, does it have one, two or three plugs coming out of the carpet? I'd suspect one, maybe two.

Also, whatever harness you grab, keep it plugged into the seat connectors and spool the wire there two.

All individual parts will be charged as such.

The wiring diagram shows fuse F2.1 in the central junction box (under the dashboard) as 30 amps. One wire to the seat to power everything in there. If you find the central junction box as difficult as I do, you might want to run clear to the battery to get power, just because it's less work.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm still trying to find one to sit in to see if it's going to be worth the purchase of the seat and the install.

The power seat might be able to sit lower but I think you loose about a .5" of back travel with the swap. I know in 2nd gens the manual seat goes back a touch farther.