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Need to tap the factory speaker wires.. Colors?


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July 5, 2002
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Chapel Hill, NC
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'96 XLT
I'm installing an amp and subwoofers into my little brother's explorer and need to tap into both the rear speaker wires to get a signal for the amp.

I've noticed I can tap the wires after they leave the boot from the door, but there are quite a few wires bundled together and I don't know which ones are the speaker wires.

Does anyone know the colors for the +, and - of the rear left and rear right speaker wires? Although I'll install new door speakers in the near future, for now I'm trying to avoid having to remove the door panels. Any help would be appreciated.

The Explorer is a '96 XLT with a base model stereo.

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Not sure if they are the same for a '96, but in a '94 they are:
pink/light green - left rear +
tan/yellow - left rear -
orange/red - right rear +
black/white - right rear -

I've pulled the panels off on the rear, left side and I see a yellow/brown, but no pink/green. Guess I'll start trying to pull the door panel so I can look and see exactly which ones are coming off the speaker.

For reference, got the rear drivers side door off.. speaker wires are yellow/brown and grey/blue.

I assume the passenger side wires would be in the same place, so without taking off the panel they should be a brown/red and red/orange. I finished hooking everything up and I'm getting power to the amp but no action from the subs. I'm sure sure on those hookups earlier which is the positive and negative, so maybe that's the cause of my problems. Any suggestions?

Not absolutely sure about this, but I have seen other people mention that the side with the clip on the hookup is negative.

I have a 1996 XLT I did a little write up on bypassing the factory amp. Do a search for factory amp bypass or my screen name.