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Need Trans Help! Please


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August 23, 2011
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Waukesha WI
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1996 Explorer xlt
Okay, I have a 1996 explorer XLT with 190k miles, it has 130k miles on the trans and motor, i have 2 error codes which will not allow me to pass emissions, p0760 and p0761 they are both shift solenoid c problems, Also every time my truck tries to shift into over drive my OD fuse (number 26) blows and my OD off button flashes, then the truck shifts hard until i turn the truck off and back on.i took it to the transmission shop near me and he said it would be a 80$ diagnostic fee. 2 days later i call him because he failed to call me back and he said i need a new transmission and that it was not my OD blowing the fuse. I went to pick up the vehicle and he did not even charge me. I believe he never even looked at it and just wanted me out of his ear. I would just like a honest answer. I think its got something to do with the wiring, i did change the trans fluid, filter, and shift solenoid c.

Please any extra info will help