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Need Transmission Help PLEASE !!


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December 19, 2012
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Northeast, Pa.
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2005 Ford Explorer
Hello, my wife went to use our 2005 Ford Explorer this morning. When she put it in Reverse she said she heard a weird noise and it wouldn't move. I went out and sure enough it was broke LOL. The weird thing is when you put it into reverse, if you didn't touch the gas it would actually start to creep backwards but as soon as you gave it any throttle it would roll back into the depression. I tore the pan off tonight and found two small chunks of metal/copper looking pieces in the pan. I am afraid there may be some serious damage here. Was hoping just to tear down and rebuild myself. Does anyone have any opinions on what the two metal chunks may be ? There were no other large pieces of metal in the pan or on the pan magnet. I can try and get some pics of the two pieces if it may help. Thanks for the read. Take Care

Pieces from tranny


Here is a shot of the two pieces that I took out of the pan. Any ideas would be appreciated.

4R44E/4R55E Transmission?

No drive in Reverse ONLY? Do forward gears engage when shifted to D, 2, or 1?

If yes, many possibilities exist, but the presence of the obviously broken pieces of metal slim down the number of likely culprits.

First, a check for trouble codes would be a start. A guess would be a broken Reverse Band, but it's just a guess, as I am looking at a later transmission diagnostics list.


Thanks for the reply

Hello, all forward gears work just fine. Drove it several miles to the garage where I removed the pan. I did not check for codes as I don't have a tool to do it. Reverse band would be great as that would be fixed with a rebuild. Thanks for your input and I hope you are right . Thanks, Peter