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Need trip pointers


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July 2, 2001
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Corrales, New Mexico
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92 XLT
I would like to take a 10-14 day off road trip from were i live in corrales new mexico to bosie Idaho. i could use any ideas of were and how hard the trails are. I think i will be going sometime in march.

Thanks alot,
Jason aka Godspeed

What type of trails are you looking for difficulty wise?? I know here in Colorado there are a bunch of different types of trails and a bunch of people that would love to do some with you. If this would be an option for you, let us know, I am sure a bunch of people could let you know about some different trails.

funnn trails

i was hoping to find something in the clorado or arazona area, in march i'am going to have a crape load of mods on my x and want a challenge, but still something that i can enjoy the senery.

Got any ideas for a week long trip that is full of pretty senery, so that i can take alot of pictures.