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Nerw Shocks

Jerry Sanders

January 1, 2001
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New Shocks With Lift???

I have a '91 Explorer 4x4. It squeaks when I go over bumps and continues to bounce up and down when I bounce the corners.

I'm going to get another set of shocks and I was wondering if I could get shocks that would give it and inch or two of lift. Is this something that can be done with replacement shocks only? I'm not interested in a major body lift. What brand and type of shocks would you recommend for this purpose?


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Shocks will not give you any lift. =)

Can't do a torsion twist on a '91. That's only for the 2nd gen Explorers with torsion bars. What you can do for a cheap lift is install Warrior shackles on the rear and use F-150 spring spacers in the front. There is a thread on it here somewhere. They will give you about a 2" suspension lift.

I love being able to edit stuff on here. Now that I don't look like a complete dumb @$$, I didn't pay any attention to the 91' model year, or he may not have listed the year when he first posted. Sorry for the confusion. =)