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Neutral and 4th only


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February 14, 2006
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Columbus, Oh
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02 Explorer Sport
I have a m5od (5-spd) transmission.
It would not shift into any other gear but 4th. However I did have neutral.
This led me to believe it was an issue with the top end of the tranny. I was unable to remove it with the tranny in place.

So... I followed write ups how to remove the transmission and finally get the top end removed. I found the culprit. A pin sticking half out of a shift fork rail binding the shift fork enough to not allow it to shift out to any other gear.


circled in red is where the pin came from

said pin

actual picture....

With the pin removed the tranny shifts fine into all gears and doesnt seem to "miss" the random pin. Any ideas/answers??

tranny is back into place. a synchro was popped out of place causing the tranny to not shift properly. the pin is presumably a detent for neutral between 3rd and 4th. Road test will happen once i get a jump...

got a jump. synchro popped back out causing the same issue to occur. now for a rebuild or junk yard tranny or ??5.0??