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Neutral-bombing/harsh slip in reverse


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December 12, 2011
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Taneytown, MD
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
I have a 99 Explorer that has 200k miles. the transmission neutral bombs when engine is cold in reverse. reverse engages fine, no slams, but after reversing for a few seconds the trans will go into neutral and regardless of how many times you put it out of reverse and back in, it still will not move until you get the RPM's up over 2,000, then its a massive slam and jerk. Usually will stay engaged for a few more seconds, then itll do it again. When the engine is warmed up, the reverse works perfectly. One time i drove to the end of my road about a quarter mile, went to take off from stop sign and trans would not engage in forward till i let off the gas (it has only done that one time). Trans shifts perfect in all foward gears even when cold, and is the same after warmed up.

I did alot of searching on here and could not find anyone who had a similar problem. Does anyone think this could be a reverse servo gasket going bad? or a bad valve body separator gasket? I back into my driveway now so i dont have to reverse out when engine is cold. i know the 5r55e is known for snapping reverse bands, but i believe i read somewhere that that happens due to a bad reverse servo gasket?

Something is losing pressure. Either valve body gasket, wear in the servo bore, solenoid issue, etc. Assuming fluid level is ok the VB and servo bores have to be inspected. Those slams may eventually snap the reverse band.