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Neutral safety switch question.


March 9, 2007
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92 4X4
Hii ! a Quik question brooklynbay :
A4LD , 92 model , 4x4 explorer , NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH :
is this switch is so important to make the tranny acts different and oil becomes dark very soon after short time of its replacement ?
my switch has 4 pins , but its connector has five holes ??? is this normal ?and which one is the original ? the switch or the connector??
when i removed the connector of this switch ( very slowly ) two pins came with the connector !! and two are still there in the switch ! the small projection-like plastic also came out(broke off ) with a small spring in it ,,what is that ??
thanx in advance ,,

Your post was moved into its own thread with a new title. Replace the switch with the same switch. As for the connector, the problem sounds more like it's in the connector than in the switch.

ok brooklyn bay , thanx , but , you did not tell me , may this switch and its connector makes problem ? and what ? and actually they both are for what function?
this tranny was rebuilt completely 2 and 1 year back (2 times) , and the wires bundle to the tranny appears to be at its old-original position and shape , when i recently removed it to check it and replace the damaged parts of the wires ,, but the switch ??
i am not sure if it is the original , it came out easily when i removed and as i mentioned earlier with many parts broken (from the switch),,, so may be they replaced the switch with another while doing overall rebuild ?? the wires and the 2 connectors are ok now , but i want to buy the switch ,,, 4 pins vs 5 pins ???

Check the switch with a continuity tester before you buy a new one.