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Neutral Safety Switch


May 18, 2008
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White Sulphur Springs, W.V.
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97 & 97.5 expl.spt
Does anyone know why the neutral safety/rotary switches that I tried from Advance & Napa will not let my 97 explorer start? I have an early & late 97 & both origional switches worked for a while. PN.....F7LP-7F293-AA. Both switches have 12 pins. The aftermarket switches have 11 pins. I called the dealer for a switch & theirs also has 11 pins....that looks to be the only external difference. Except that Ford will stick me with this switch that costs an extra 20 bucks, even if it doesn't work!! I'm really sure this is my problem.
I really just am replacing it for a check engine light but now, both my old ones are bad. So now the car won't start. Does anyone know of any other needed modifications or a harness recall that I am unaware of?
Anyway....the part # from the dealer for the updated switch is.............
F7LZ-7F293-AB. I sure don't want to get hosed with a part that costs an extra 20 bucks.....Thanks!!!

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I have the same problem

I am also having this problem, the only parts I can find are the 11 pin and not the 12. Is there any additional harnesses or anything that needs to go with this part. Please help....

I have already tried these dealers...

I have spoken with these suppliers and they all have confirmed that their parts are the 11 pin. With the exclusetion of the first web site which is out of stock currently. Is there anywhere else to go?? I really need my explorer back on the road.

Transmission Range Sensor (MLPS), 12 Pin, .530” Bolt Insert. Part #: D76410EA. Price: $59.11.


I guess I will try that one, if I have any other problems with this I will try again.
Thanks Brooklyn for the help.:)

Make sure that it's correctly aligned or the new one won't work either.


so the alignment tool does need to be used or can it be properly aligned without it??

Thanks again

Thank you once again Brooklyn, my wife is bound and determined that we have to get the tool just to put the new one in. I think that I can get it in without it so I am going to try.

I did mine without the tool without any are the man, Brooklyn!

Thanks for the update! So it's aligned & starts?

Check the alignment marks, then see if the reverse lights turn on when you shift into reverse. Make a mark on the case as well as the old switch, then mark the new switch in the same spot, and align it with the mark on the case.