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new 2014 Escape the Ex is gone


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May 18, 2008
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Well I traded my 04 Explorer last night in for a 14 Escape with 6 miles on it. My Ex has 122k+ on her and is starting to show her age. I really loved my suv and it has been a great 6 years. Some one is going to get a well maintained Explorer limited with Alpine DVD navigation .I did not want to see her go but it was time. The new escape really impressed me with all the features and space in it . It has the 2.5 so I will have to get used to its power but it is also rated at 31mpg hwy where as I was getting 18 in my EX. I got Sunset red/orange metallic with black interior s model .

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Congrats. I was very close to buying a 2013 Ti loaded to the gills but decided against it. I do really like them.

Congrats on your new purchase:chug:

Thanks guys !!

Congrats! I have seen the new escapes, but I haven't yet decided how much I like them. The oen thing I really like about my 2010 escape is that I fit in it, extremely well. I was at an event this weekend where Ford had one of the new escapes on display, but they had to disconnect the battery so I was unable to move the seat back to see if I even fit. It did have a lot of nice features though.

Over all I like it as I just feel at home in it since it is a Ford suv. I like the 32mpg on the highway but it will take a while to get used to the 4 banger power since my Ex had the 4.6 with 3:73 tow package gear but overall I am happy for what I could afford to spend. My heart still jumps everytime I see a 13 Explorer sport as that is what I really wanted but I will have to keep playing the lotto. lol

Got any pics of it yet? :)