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New 2014 RR sport, Deezee, sharkfin, ...


August 12, 2013
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Kelowna, BC
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2015 F150
Mods completed to date;
- Deezee running boards
- Black emblems
- Shark Fin antenna
- Led reverse, turn signals front and back, led parking lights front
- Led halos (pain in the arse but worth it)
- 8k coolbulbs hid headlights
- interior led upgrade
- airaid intake
- Max liners

I highly recommend the Samsung chip LEDS for exterior lights. They are way brighter than the standard 50/50. I swapped my 50/50's out because I wasn't happy with the brightness.

Waiting on DRL harness for LED halos. Need to do splash guards, flex lowering springs, fog light halos, fog light 8k hids.

See below for pics. Freshly polished, sealed with blackfire, and waxed with p21s. I'm not sure what to think about the Giovanna kilis 22" wheels (which are dirty in the pic)? I already had them from our mkx we traded in which they looked awesome on. If you need any pics of anything let me know.





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Wheels......personally they don't look meaty and manly enough for the sport.

Yeah not too sure on them. I'm thinking of getting them refinished all black which would look much better hopefully.

I looked at multicolor Halo's and reviewed the self install process on YT...the Ex standard headlights are way underpowered-anything on the road will wash them out...

Dont really want to bake my headlights, but the Halo's are nice.
Did you do them yourself?
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Yes they're the normal white LED halos Didn't do the led strip though. Headlights didn't fit in my oven so I had to use a heat gun. Getting them apart was a pain but the worst part to me was putting them back together as they are so awkwardly shaped. Had to go out and buy a whack of clamps. I used Ge II silicone as they suggested in the instructions. Not sure if I'd do it again to be honest.

Looks good so far. Lookin forward to seeing it dropped. I really like the running boards actually. I didn't think I would, but those look slick!

I'm lookin to do a few of the same mods as you (as well as about 30 more too haha). The headlights seemed to me like they were gonna be the biggest PITA. But I absolutely must have halos & HIDs. Seems like you got em back together alright.

Did you just put HID bulbs in, or convert the whole housing for use with HIDs? & why no LED DRL strip... just didn't like the look? I'm not overly-thrilled with the looks of the Oracle ones... they dont look thick enough.

The other thing I was planning on doing while I was "in there" was to clear out the amber reflector, and replace with an amber bulb instead. Did you notice an easy way this could be done?

p.s. one suggestion- Plastidip the door handles black! Looks so much better than the cheap plastic chrome crap they threw on there.

For the headlights just make sure you have quite a few larger clamps. I think I had 4 or 5 clamps per headlight so I only did 1 at a time. Housings wouldn't fit in the oven so I had to use a heat gun. Oven would have been easier I think as all the sealant would have all been soft from the get go. Take your time and make sure you heat evenly and get it hot enough prior to pulling apart. I got it split using a flathead screw driver then I stuffed a non-marking plastic trim remover tool in and kept heating and worked the trim remover down the edge to continue to break the seal. If using a heatgun I found you need to heat a portion then break the seal...

I just put the HID bulbs from cool bulbs in the existing housing. The cut off is exactly the same as the halogens. Had a 2011 mkx previously and it had HID's from the factory and the cut off was nicer but I can live with how these turned out.

I'm pretty sure the amber reflector can be removed easily. I think there were just screws holding it in place.

Didn't care for the led strip look. Sometimes too much change can be a bad thing. I did get the strips shipped to me but ended up having a change of heart and using them elsewhere. To each their own though.

Black handles is on my list too. Also like the vinyl on the hood and will probably tackle that.

Ride is looking good, i think going with black as you suggested would look awesome on the rims.
Do you happen to have any part numbers on the led interior/exterior swaps? I thought about doing these over the weekend but i'll have to order bulbs as my local shops only have standard replacement bulbs. =[

Looks good, where did you get the sharkfin? Is the AM/FM reception still good?

Thanks Peter, since my last post I fond that too. Thanks so much for finding that.