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New 265/70/17 Tires w/ 1" Wheel Spacers


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June 7, 2012
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Oak Park, IL
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06 Explorer XLT
Just got my 1.25" wheel spacers installed last night. Looks good with my new tires. Sorry for the crappy pics.

Goodyear Wrangler Authority 265/70/17 tires (WalMart $170)
1.25" Titan Wheel Accessories Spacers ($109)

With the spacers on I need to do some minor trimming at full lock. Before the spacers I had no rubbing at all.


Here's My Future Mods:
1" Body Lift
Paint Headlight Lens
Murder the Wheels, Grill, and Lift Gate Latch
Remove Running Boards

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Love that look. You convinced me to go with spacers instead of a lift when I get new tires.

I'm convinced as well. Certain angles these wheels really looked tucked in, spacers clearly fixed that. Mudflaps first, then spacers for me, LOL...

Yeah the spacers totally transformed the look. I probably would have been fine with 1" spacers though. Obviously the bigger the spacer the more stress on your steering and wheel bearings. I notice it in the steering a little.

this is my rig with 2" spacers all the way around with lift and 265s

I plasti dipped them same as my grille