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new 31"s and speed grille

i know i said i was gonna do the body lift today, but i had a long night at work and had to stay to finish a case till almost 10am (went in at 9pm). but did get the speed grill on and snapped a few pics of my 31/10.5/15 on the stock ex




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does a body lift help in ANY way for Off-Roading, i am looking into getting one

nice looking x you got there kelly

are those the 31s in those pics or are going to take some pics of the 31s.

collkid said:
does a body lift help in ANY way for Off-Roading, i am looking into getting one

yes, it allows room for larger tires which is needed for more ground clearance

yeah id say a body lift helps, you can put bigger tires on to give you more clearence

Sam: yea those are the 31"s in the pics

lookin good!

looks like alot of sag in the rear?? looks like just a TT in the front with nothign in the back..maybe you should pick up some shackle's :thumbsup: evan that **** out,,sweet truck though

no TT done. i have some shackles sitting here on the floor in the box. and in it's defense, i do have a couple hundred pounds sitting in the back when i took the pic (toolbox, sub, etc.). i'ma thinking i'm gonna paint the grayish-silver in the center of the grille. wanna go with gloss black. should be less obvious behind the speed grille

I am not feeling the purple

me either. it was on there when i bought it. it's gonna get changed soon! i was thinking some tribal fames with the tint