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New 31s

I am able to get any of these tires for about $90 each new:
-Dunlop Mud Rovers
-Kumho Venture M/Ts
-Maxxis Buckshot Mudders

My dad has the Maxxis tires on his Chevy but has not driven on them enough to see mileage and he doesn't take them off road that much. What do you guys think of these tires and who has experience with them? Can you guys tell me their offroad performance and mileage? BTW, road noise is not a problem for me b/c the tires that are on my X now are probably one of the loudest tires you can get LOL.


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from what i gather and reading hundreds of reviews id say the kumho venture's but there are a few guys on here that rock the ventures they'll chime in after me

I have the Mud Rovers and they are ok. They are good in the deep snow, and clean out well in the mud. I have about 15k on them and they have half tread. I am considering the Buckshots as my next tires, but just because they are studdable.

Anyone else have opinions on these tires?

i do not have any personal experience with any of those tires... but from what i've heard and read, did alot of research on mud terrains before i got my 31" bfg's but of those three the kuhmo's appear to be your best bet

I will probably get either the Kumhos or the Maxxis but would like to hear some more opinions.

I've got the Kumho's and they're real good tires, haven't had any problems. They wear well and go through mud like there's no tomorrow.



doesn't anybody else have an opinion?????

Doesn't really matter much, but I was wondering how the road noise is with the Kumhos?

They're loud. Going down the freeway you can hear them well, but they're M/T so of course they'll be loud.

ok thanks

I am probably going to get the Kumhos, how do they clean up after being real muddy??

They clean real well. As good as any M/T I've seen.

Cool, that's good to know.

well i have 33" mud rovers, took mine on a 1000k mile trip right after buying them, not sure of total mileage on them now, i'm curiuos about wear also, so prob go get tread read here tomorrow, but they are lil loud, not as bad as others i've heard, clean up great after deep, slick, slimmy mud, which i was in last weekend, traction was awesome, and when i was looking around for opinions, heard they were one of the best wearing out of that group, like someone else said 15k, miles half tread don't think is bad, if u do mostly city driving for a Mud tire,

good luck

This sucks!!! I finally have gotten enough money for the Kumho's after paying insurance, etc. and I asked my dad to order them today at his work. Then he calls me back and tells me that the company that had them now only has three and has discontinued them.

Since I had to pick out a different tire, I was looking at the Maxxis Buckshot Mudder again and saw that they have come out with a new tire also, called the Maxxis Bighorn. I have decided to go with a 32x11.50x15, b/c I saw that both of these tires are closer to 30 than a 31. Anyone heard of the Bighorn or have experience with it.

Buckshot Mudder:


hey man i used to run buckshot mudders in a 235/75 r 15 before i got my 31's. they did well for little tires, though the guy i got them from ran chains on them so they wore uneven and were loud as freak. but they did well in the mud and snow. that's all the terrain i experience in texas. as for the other two i don't know much about, but the bucks do wear well, i got mine used and they still had about 50% life after about 6 months of driving .

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Those bighorns look pretty sweet