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New 4.0 OHV heads - Now consumes tons of oil

Jim Jermain

February 20, 2006
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Madison, WI
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00 XLS
I replaced the heads on my '00 4.0 OHV. I now am getting oil on the #3 spark plug base and threads and I am going through oil like crazy. Before I replaced the heads it didn't use any oil. Now it's going through roughly a quart every 100 miles. There are no visible leaks, no sign of oil in the coolant and I'm not getting any blue smoke or smell of burning oil.

I am pulling my hair out. I've got to be burning it but I just don't understand how the new heads are causing it. I don't get any smoke at start up after the car sits overnight - short of the typical condensation given the cold weather. I don't know if somehow the oil ring on the #3 cylinder is somehow sticking. I checked the compression and its 150 lbs. I did jut try adding SeaFoam to the oil over the weekend.

I really appreciate any thoughts.