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New 99 Explorer Sport owner


November 8, 2003
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Chicago, IL
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Orange 99 Sport SOHC
Hi, I just recently purchased an orange 99 Explorer Sport with 42k miles and the SOHC v6. One of the first mods I want to do to it is an exhaust system. I am thinking about doing a dual exhaust system(dual inlet, outlet) and with both tail pipes exiting after the passenger tire like the Harley F-150. I have searched alot and have found that a 2.25 inlet and outlet will not lose my back pressure. My question is that I am looking for a muffler that is not super loud and will not drone on the freeway since I do alot of highway miles. I am looking for a nice deep tone and I'm looking at the 50 suv, 50 delta, 70 series flowmaster and magnaflow mufflers. Could you guys help me out with my choice.
Sorry for the lengthy question

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do flowmaster 50 delta series. It will be quiet at idol but it will become loud when you really get on it.

I know this topic has been discussed to death, but I can I get some more help.

Talk to your instaler.
I was told there was no room to run the dual out on a Sport.
Maybe your guys knows a trick my guy didn't

I got duals on mine, but it does touch the spare. Which reminds me that i need to check on that. Cuz if its damaged I'm going to ***** at the muffler shop to fix it and replace my tire :mad: but it can be done.

I'm not planning on doing regular duals, I'm going to do duals on one side exiting behind the passenger tire like this

that most likely can be done.
I wanted the dual out left and right but my exhaust guy said what, IAmTodd said that is would hit the tire.
( thank GOD Summit is cool with returns )

Yeah, I think you'll be fine.