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New 99 xlt Member from NC! Help with lift!


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November 28, 2007
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Bryan here, just joined this great new site! I'am currently here in Charlotte NC, and just got a 2wd XLT. I was really wanting to get an overall lift of about 4 or 5" with 32" BFG's. I really dont do any off roading, I wanted to do a 3" Body Lift, then something else. Any suggestions? Also I just got my car with 41K miles and I heard getting a suspension lift would affect the warranty of my car I got (if i had any problems with it) where as a Body Lift doesn't affect it. Is this true? Also heard a BL is priced a lil cheaper which is ok with me like I said ealier I wont be doing any Off Road. Well if anyone can help me get started I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, Guys.

a body lift you can get for around 200 shipped, to that gets you 3", but you need to make your own bumper brackets. the body lift you want is located here

then you can do shackles and that will get you 2" in the rear, and then an add a leaf which can get you another inch or so.

do some searches, im sure you will come up with answers.