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New ABS sensor but still C1230


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April 6, 2020
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Fairfax, VA
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2003 Ford Explorer Sport
2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

The ABS light is on (C1230). I changed the rear ABS sensor and checked fuses (Fuse 9: 7.5A and Fuse 35: 5A). Fuses are both OK.
My (limited) scan tool says, before and after the ABS sensor change: 'C1230 - Wheel Speed Sensor Rear Center Input Circuit Malfunction'.
I erased the code with my scan tool. Or better I tried it. The light doesn't go off. It stays on. Immediately after erasing the scan tool shows: 'Erase Codes - Comment sent - Codes remaining: 1'.
Sorry for asking but I lack experience:
How long do I have to drive so that the ABS light goes off?
Should the ABS light disappear for some time after erasing it till it is back on?
Did I do something wrong is a broken wire?
Thank you.

I’d check the wiring and the connection itself. You can also do an ohm check on the sensor.

What's the resistance of the rear wheel speed sensors on a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac?

Where is the second connector of the ABS-sensor harness? The harness has on one side the connector to the ABS sensor (on top of the rear axle). Where is the second connector of the harness?
Thank you.