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New amp not much more power?


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August 17, 2004
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Brooklyn New York
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1994 explorer xlt
Hey everyone I need some help or some info on this new amp I got I just got the Kenwood 9102D bridgeable Class D mono amp for my birthday its ratings are
1000W peak output @ 4 ohms, bridged
1700W peak output @ 2 ohms
1000W peak output @ 4 ohms
500W RMS (continuous), bridged
500W RMS (continuous) @ 4 ohms
850W RMS (continuous) @ 2 ohms

I used to have a Rockford P3002 which was 300W rms bridged at 2 ohms. My problem or atleast I think its a problem I might be wrong is It doesnt seem to giving me that much more power then my old amp. I should be getting 850w rms right now but I dont think I am.

My sub is the Power Acoustik Fubar 12 which is 1800w max and 800 rms so I dont think its my sub causing this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance,