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New android auto, Waze, and volume issues


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August 26, 2019
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My android auto app on my phone recently gave me the option to trial the "new" android auto early or wait for the full rollout. I opted to do it early, as did my husband (he has an F250 super duty).

The user interface is much nicer and it's easy to switch between the Sync interface and AA now, rather than AA completely taking over. Plus, Waze now works within AA, where it did not before.

Then I tried playing my music through the AA interface and immediately noticed the volume would lower every 10 seconds or so for a second, then raise back to the set level. It did this in every music app I have (spotify, pandora, iheart radio and livexlive). My husband did not have this issue, so we thought perhaps it was a phone issue (I have a Note 10+, he has a Pixel). But a search online found others with this issue with various phones, but no real answer on how to fix it.

Then I finally broke down and allowed my Waze and Spotify to link, as both apps kept asking me to do it. I thought maybe that would at least fix Spotify. THAT fixed it. My husband's apparently were already linked so he never noted the problem. That simple thing fixed the volume issue in ALL my streaming music apps. So I'm posting here in hopes that it will help others if they have the same issue.