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new ball joint keeps spinning


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February 15, 2008
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Andover, MA
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1999 explorer sport
Hi, well I used the ball joint video to remove a lower ball joint from my 99
Explorer and everything went ok. BUT now when installing the new castle nut it just keeps spinning without tightening. Need a 'trick' to finish this job. thanks, Mike

Interesting... Air tools (specifically an impact wrench) would help get it locked down. Typically as soon as the taper seats, the stud doesn't want to turn anymore. If it does, the only thing to do would be to try and hold the stud while tightening the nut. A good pair of pliers and an open end wrench might work.


now are you talking about, you will put the castle nut on, and it gets to a point where it won't stop? does the entire thing spin? like the bolt part of the joint, and the nut? if so it might be cross threaded and stuck.

when i did my balljoints, i accidentally cross threaded the threads on the tie rod and the nut, so it was one hellish day...