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new Blackjack pics

Thanks to Rick and all the moderators who make this such a fantastic site ;)

In case you're slow (or just don't want to read the entire thread) Blackjack was totaled by foreign POS mother #$@%er who didn't know how to yield on November 14, 2007. He rolled into a gas station parking lot and his body was crushed, but he saved my life in the process. In return for that, I've saved everything that I could scavenge so I can save HIS life. He has a CHP 347, rebuilt 4r70w with Baumann shift kit, Ford Racing BD-11 supercharger kit, and a RideTech parallel four link all waiting for installation :) Here's his original thread post:

Blackjack: Born February 16,1998 in Louisville, Ky. Rescued from Koons Chevy March 20-something, 2000 with 33,333 miles on the Odometer. Couldn't think of any good names and then I heard 'Blackjack' while listening to Brooks and Dunn's Boot Scootin' Boogie. He's been 'Jack' or "f#%^&$ pain in my @$$!" since then. His favorite hobbies are eating money and hunting Blazers, and he enjoys playing pranks (dropping hood on my head, chewing on his power steering rack, mystery squeaks, randomly starting himself up, etc).

All factory options, including 4.0 SOHC, limited slip diff, 4:10 gears, skidplates (on ExplornJ's truck now), sunroof, cass/cd player and changer, leather, blah blah.

Exterior mods:
~Ford Platinum color racing stripes (2 10" stripes, 2" space)
~Lund Windjammer (painted to match)
~Sport Truck dual fog/driving (SMURF LIGHTS)
~Black Euro III Altezzas w/ cut up slotted tail covers
~20% Tinted Windows all around
~Doetsch Tech Nitro Slammer shocks
~Hella LED sidemarkers
~GT emblem from a 94-98 Mustang
~Explorer Express Rear sway bar
~Truck performance front sway bar bushings
~Diamond clear headlights and corners w/ blue chrome bulbs
~Shortened EB (running board delete option) side skirts

Interior mods:
~Aluminum dash kit by Exotic Wood dash
~Pioneer DEH CD head unit
~Pioneer 6 disk CD changer
~1 pair Pioneer 3ways up front
~1 pair Pioneer 2ways in rear
~2 JL Audio 10w6's in a custom box (replaced with 2 Kicker Vcomp's, thanks for blowing my subs, Meatball :fire: )
~1 Kenwood 729 S amp
~1 pair Pioneer 1" dome tweeters in B pillars
~1 pair Pioneer 3/4" Tweeters in front doors
~Custom MMRUSA "Sport GT" silver/white gauge faces
~Carbon fiber dash bezel
~Cold Cathode Blue neons

Engine mods:
~Valet Remote start/ custom alarm
~Flowmaster 50 single straightback
~Taylor Spiro Sparkplug wires

Wheels and tires:
~Foose Nitrous 20x8 and 20x10, grey
~Toyo Proxes 255/50 and 295/45
~1/2" aluminum front spacers w/ extended lugs

The kinda sorta mods:
~lowered approximately 2" via TT and monoleaf block flip
~Brown wire mod, full 2wd hi/low (Yanked the front 4x4 in 2006, the hell with that mod :D)
~Throttle cable zipties
~Chopped front bumpstops
~Mr. Bat (gave up on replacing blown hood shocks. It's a Das Frem thing, you wouldn't understand)

I run Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w30 and only use Ford filters (Fram ones sometimes knock)

Guestimated 215-220 Horsepower when he was younger, 15.5 seconds 1/4 mile at Cecil County Dragway.


Here's some links to other things I've done with the ol' boy:
Bullitt Rims
Stereo and lights

Truck of the Week, Baby!

Blackjack and Red, my best friend Brennan's rig:


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i think you need fish pin striping.. that'd be awsome!

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Keep it on the BLACKTOP baby!!!! Hey did Jack get baptized in the water?? Uhh huh yep he did!!!:D

Every now and then you come across pictures that are too funny not to post again...


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:D looking excellent pavement princess

nweibley said:
:D looking excellent pavement princess


that reminds me, though..... i have to keep Tank away from everyone whenever he's covered in mud!

I'm innocent..

Hee hee... took me long enough, but I finally got my sideskirts and diamond headlights/corners in :cool: I'll post better pics as I get 'em!


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Man I love these things... they really make Jack look lower and they do a great job of hiding the ugly front spring hangers :thumbsup:

In case anyone wants to imitate me, they're off of a 97 Eddie Bauer with the "Running Board delete" option... chop off a foot, cut some new holes for the retainer clips and viola! Instant side skirts ;)


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One that's as clean as the other is dirty :) (and the saturn, which snuck in when no one was looking)


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Amazing looking explorer spas I wish mine looked that damn good. Keep up the good work and keep that thing away from MUD AND ROCKS! It should be against the law too put that good looking SUV near such stuff :)

Need some opinions here, gang. Next year, after all the engine and suspension work are done in phase III of my evil plan to make Blackjack into a Blazer eating, srt-10 Ram killing nightmare on wheels, I plan on having his body repainted to fix all the various dings, scratches and miscolored body panels. Question is, when I do, should I lose the 2 10" stripes in favor of some 12" ones? Also, the gap between would widen an additional 2".
(reasoning behind this is that from 20 feet away, it looks like there's only one stripe :p 2 10" stripes with a 2" gap may be fine for stangs, but explorers are a lot wider!)

Top pic is now, bottom pic is the photoshop:

I would spread them farther apart, but not make them any wider. Wide stripes look like they belong on a Dodge in my opinion.

uhh...oh boy... you don't mean like THIS one, do you? :eek: :D (btw, HI John! Long time no see)


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I like them how they are.

Damn, I was beat to the Explorer GT

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I suppose the question your Sport an auto? :D