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New Boat, Big Boat, Small Explorer :)


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March 12, 2002
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Wauconda, IL
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2001 XLT 5.0
Just picked up a new boat last weekend - an '01 Rinker 232 Captiva Cuddy with a 5.7l EFI Merc/Bravo III drive. She's big, and we love her!

The truck, with all the mods, does fine, even though she weighs in at 80% of the max tow rating, @ 5300lbs. IMHO, I'd say that this is about the max the Explorer can tow. I can get her up to 75, but it takes awhile, and I'm turning about 3300rpm, noisy with the exhaust sound resonating in the cab.

We'll definately pick up a weight-distributing hitch next year, the sway at 70+ mph is scary and frankly, unsafe.

I'm so proud of our Explorer!




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Now that's a boat!! Very very nice!

Didn't you just get a boat? Red I recall? Well this one looks good.

Oh and I recommend Eagle One A2Z wheel cleaner. ;)

Very nice, Skipper. :)

wow... thats a really nice boat.. how about some inside pics?

I feel you.

I have a 2001 19 foot Bayliner Capri Sport with a Alpha one and 4.3L Merc. Boat and trailer are about #3750.

Well I have a 88 BII with:
93 4.0L OHV
Custom A4LD
8.8 disc brake
heavy duty drivetrain and custom suspension
4.10 gears, limited slip rear
33" tires :)
180 degree thermostat
Class A motorhome Hayden tranny cooler
Synthetic oil and lube throughout

Here are some suggestions:


also the rear end (diff) needs to be checked/changed for water.

Extend your rear breather tube for the boat ramp

Get some heavy duty/adjustable shocks

Consider airbags for the rear leafs


If you dont already, swap to disc brakes in the back, use nothing but the best brake pads.

Rinker makes killer boats, that is a hellofa sucker for the Ex to tow, but it can do it!

My BII has been all over the midwest with the Bayliner in does just fine, 75, 80 no problem.

Also a computer chip, KKM intake, headers, full exhaust, MAS, all really help for towing as well...

That looks like my Explorer when we used to pull a Sunline trailer... The toys dwarfed the puller immensly.

Great boat, however. It looks like a helluva good time.

Nice boat, Rinker has excellent quality for their price, lot's of options and models also. We used our 5.0 Mounty to tow maybe once and year, and it did fine and had about the little sag you do but our boat was a little bigger but probably weighed less.

But like Hartmen, don't I remember you just getting a different boat a few months ago?

We just moved and sold our boat with the house, 29ft Fountain and twin 300 outboards no more:( Now that was a hell of a boat, very fast, I'll miss her:(

Congratulations man, we just picked up a new boat too, we got a 24 foot sea ray, I havent seen it yet since I am at school but I am getting anxious haha.

Nice choice.

4 door SOHC X with 4.10 gears is rated to 5800 LBS. I pulled 6800 LBS once. If you plan on pulling it to the lake often (meaning your not putting it in a slip) then I recomend you take a look at the load limit of your hitch. if it is a factory hitch it is proly only rated to 5000LBS, heck that is all the superduties come with which is stupid. But you may want to check, just a tip.

Nice boat.:D

Thanks for the props guys!

410 - thanks for those tips! Yes, I have the factory towing package and a Class IV hitch installed, so I'm all set. I do sag a bit in the butt, but I'm not so concerned about that as I'm concerned with the sway she has. That's the reason for the weight distributing hitch. When I get that one all set up, I'll post pictures of her for all to see.

And yes all you guys, I was pulling a red boat at the beginning of the summer. She wasn't what we really wanted... the dealer gave us a hell of a trade on her and a hell of a deal on this boat, so we made the switch. Plus, with this boat, I can deduct the interest :)


Sweet boat bro...I am jealous...

I am just getting into boating and went from a 12 footer with a 4.5 to a 14 Lund with a 15, seats, live well, floor, lights...the Ex tows it like year I hope to move up to an 18 footer and who knows, maybe in 10 years I will have one half a nice as you.

That boat is hot, congratulations! I'm moving to Nashville next weekend where one friend already has a lakehouse and my folks are planning on building one near Nashville so I'll have some insentive to start saving up for my dream boat, a Mastercraft X-Star (I think that's the name). But of course, with the way I save money I'll have enough for a down payment by mabe 2025.

very nice boat. just my 2 cents but i'd say that your getting alot of sway cause the boat is sitting back so far on the trailer.

Nice boat
I hauled a 20 ft whaler outrage, twin merc 125s, full electronics, is a 75 mile offshore albe killer, and I sold it yesterday, my baby is gone on the way to oregon as we speke.
Wiflette says we need to pony up some tuition money, so off to the banco in the A.M, after I stop by the Harley store:)