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New BTF Lift and Tires!

Try it like this:
My Duratracs are awesome. I have 22,000 on mine and they are wearing great. Getting just a little noise but not much for such a aggressive tire. The only thing they are not great on is ice of course, and wet blacktop. Other than that they are awesome. We just got over a foot of snow and had up to two feet drifts. Tore right thru it, and pulled a few people out of the ditch with relative ease. Good luck, hope you get some. I have mine rotated every 4000 since they are a more aggresive tire. Is working real good.


HOLY AWESOMENESS Reddawg!!!! :eek: Very sleek looking.

My favorite sport trac hands down! :thumbsup: Might be because I have a liking for 04 Silver Sport Tracs. Keep up the good work.

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How much was the lift spacers and did you have to buy extended shocks?
I've been debating on doing this to my x.

they run $250 shipped for a set of 4 (regardlesss of the size you get).

No need for extended shocks.

If you want to order them I recommend you call him (Brandon) at his shop...I don't think he gets on here much:

BTF Fabrication (909) 702-7462 normal business hours (pacific time)


Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I love my Trac. I am trying to get the dimensions for a safari rack, I am going to try and build one. Cant afford to buy one but want one for my truck. Also have been pulling on my chin about lifting it with TT and shackles or putting a 2 inch lift on it. Time will tell. Thanks again.:salute:

This is the same lift i am looking at doing, and i think it looks awesome!! i really like the black EB, i dont see many of those here. looks great! I want those tires too, they seem really awesome!

did you hav to get anything additionally to the lift spacers from brandon? and did u install them yourself?

lookin good

reddawg- When you put your cursor over the image in photobucket, you'll see an IMG link pop up. Copy that link and paste it into the message box on here, you should be good:D

Edit: OP-ride looks GREAT!!! Keep up the good work;) Also, the picture of your dad getting into the Explorer made me think of my dad. I was like????? I HAVE ANOTHER BROTHER!!!! :D But it's not him.

How did you do the lift, where did you get everything at. Im having a hard time finding what I need. Thanks

All I did was install the four strut spacers I purchased from Brandon at BTF. Installed them myself with a little bit of time on my hands. After they were in, I sent the truck in for a 4 wheel alignment. No other parts are required to do the simple spacer lift. I see Brandon does make the extended upper control arms. You may want to consider investing in a pair of those if you want to do it properly without much stress on the factory parts.