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New Clutch Install (No Clutch Pedal) Help!!!


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May 8, 2007
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I may posting in the wrong forum, I'm new here.
Installed a new clutch, Pressure plate, throw-out bearing, Slave cylinder,master cylinder. Bled the system and I do not get any clutch pedal. Noticed that it looks like the slave cylinder maybe fully extended and when the clutch pedal is fully extended I get a little movement in the pressure plate fingers. Pulled the Tranny back out and when I loosed the bolts on the pressure plate you could see the fingers on the pressure plate extending back out to normal. Could I have possibly installed something wrong? I thought the fingers should be fully extended even after being torqued down. I took the pressure plate and clutch disk back and got a new set. Going to replace tonight and words of advise would help. Installed the new pressure plate and clutch. Still no Pedal Pressure.
I Am about to take it on a long push off of a short bridge.