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New computer help


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July 19, 2004
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99 XLT

I got a new computer & need to know an easy to transfer some files & stuff from my old notebook to the new desktop.

I have xp on both and both are connected to a router, but I don't know about setting them up to see each other & transfer stuff.

Any ideas?


If you're just 'moving' and don't need the machines to stay networked, it's usually easiest to use XP's "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard". It's usually located under "System Tools", but you can run it directly from Start -> Run -> migwiz.exe. Just get yourself a large enough USB drive (a few gig should do) and run the Wizard on the old machine and new machine.

If you want to network them, you'll need to:
1) Put both machines on the same workgroup (Control Panel -> System -> Computer Name -> Change -> Workgroup).

2) Share a folder on each machine by finding it in Explorer, right-clicking on it and choosing "Sharing and Security".

3) Depending on what version of XP you're using, you might also need to make sure the same user exists on both machines.

use the old quick and dirty method, copy what you want to a usb drive, then copy off the usb drive to the new machine.