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New Cragar Wheels and Tires!

I just got new Chrome Cragar Soft 8 wheels, stock size, 15x7, with new Definity Dakota A/Ts. I must say I am happy with these wheels thus far, no slipping in the rain, nice agressive tread pattern, and very very quiet. I had a highway tire on beforehand and I honestly can't tell the difference in road noise with the new Dakotas. Highly recommended. Its part of the Buy 3 get the 4th free sale at pep boys. After rebate I'll have only paid 395. I kept with the stock 235/75/15s. Here's pics :)





Let me know whatcha think!


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I like the way the look. The pattern seems to fit with the truck well along with the chrome which isn't always so.

What exactly is that on your hood. It looks interesting. You might want to check out, they have alot of chrome accessories you might be interested in because it appears you like chrome.


I like them- not too flashy, and the OEM centercaps are a nice touch.

Thanks guys! Yeah, I wanted to keep the stock center caps, I always like how they looked even on the stock wheels. I wanted to change it up a little because I had painted my stock wheels black, and it was cool for a while but it just made the truck look dull, so I thought these would brighten it up a bit. Marcus Aurelius, awesome name by the way :), it's actually a Westin brush guard, but I sawed off the headlight protectors with a sawzall. And then I have a black bug deflector on the end of the hood. Thanks, I'll have to check that website out!


Yah, Marcus Aurleius has always been one of my nicknames. I was actually talking about the 8 chrome stick on looking things on the hood itself almost near the windshield.


Lookin' good! I would have probably went with a coulple sizes larger on the tires, but that's just me. Now you need to get some Krylon Fuzion and paint the gray plastics on your bumpers. It makes a world of difference.

Looks nice.

Thanks, stringer, I'll have to definitely do that at some point, give it a little R&R. Oh yeah, the chrome stick on thing on the hood I got from Pep Boys, it was just a little detailing thing that I thought looked cool. Obviously not functional or anything, just for looks

If you want to see how it looks, click on the "Before, During, and After" link in my signature. I have a picture of the rear bumpber before and after. I used Krylon Fuzion Black Satin, but it turned out a little glossier than I expected. It was super easy to clean though. I sold the Explorer back in May and it still looked new... even after a harsh winter.

The process for doing it is super simple. I removed the trim pieces from mine so I wouldn't have to mask anything. Once they were removed, I wiped them down with rubbing alcohol and allowed them to dry, which didn't take long. I think I applied about 3 or 4 coats with around 5-10 minutes of drying time between coats and about 30 minutes after the last coat before I reinstalled the pieces. No sanding, primer, or clearcoat is necessary. In fact, I've heard that Fuzion doesn't adhere as well if you prime the surface.

looks nice but i would have gone to at least a 18" or 20" rim