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New custom bumpers(warning lots of pics)...

Ok heres a before with stock bumpers.


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Heres the new front bumper. Its made out of 2"x4" metal with a 2"reciever in the middle. You kinda have to look hard there freshly painted black so its hard to get good pics.


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And heres the back. Its the same as the front but wraps around the side. Again made from the same stuff with a 2" reciever in the middle.


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Heres the part that wraps around the side. I opted to leave the black section of the trim because with the 3" body lift too much of the frame showed. It wouldn't have worked with my design so I did it this way.


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And heres how I reinforced it in the front of that peice.


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And for the last pic!!! Here in Idaho the legal bumper heighth is 22" before you need mud flaps. I was illegal with the stock bumpers so I knew I would be way over with the new ones. So I added mud flaps!! Some like it but some don't, but I was going for function not cool looking. These are also easy on, easy off. Welded some bolts to the outside of the bumper so I can pull them off while on the trails and put them back on before I hit the streets.


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I thought you were getting a Duff bumper? What made you change your mind?

BTW those are some big mud flaps.

I was really debating on the duff bumper but I just sat down and drew out my own design and went with it. I can still do the duff bumpers if these don't work out well.

BTW-Doing this set-up only costed me $120. Very cheap for me.


I basically think it looks ugly....:frustrate


Originally posted by Greddy X-Plorer
I basically think it looks ugly....:frustrate

Nah, I"m just kidding yo..... it looks good.... :cool:

Thanks Greddy!! I like having my truck ugly. It can be ugly all it long as its functional.:)

Its kinda like how Heath put it to me. "Functional but too functional."

But the flaps are for the street and I spend most my time off the street.

Damn those are some big Mud flaps. Where do you get flaps like that? Off a semi? Looks good though. Funtionality is the key. I would rather Have a truck that is ugly and goes where I need it to go then Have one that looks cool sitting in the driveway becuase it can't go. Good job.

Btw how is your recovery coming Derrick?

Actually yes, those flaps are semi flaps turned sideways. Good guess!!!;)

I'm good and rock'n'rollin as always. Thanks for askin bro!!!

Joe, How far from the Denver area are you??? I'll be hookin up with Heath and his wife in July for a week. It would be cool to finally meet you in person. Oh and just a little hint of fun.....I'll be runnin the Holy Cross trail.

I'm about 60 miles south of Denver. I can make it there in about an hour on a good day. When do ya plan on comin down and when do ya plan on running Holy Cross? Do ya think you can handle it? :)

All I know right now is it'll be in July. Heath and I have got alot of plans of doing things around town all week. I'm not to sure when I'll run Holy Cross but I have to make sure more then just me will do it. Are you saying I can't handle Holy Cross??? I'll put it to you like this.......

I'm running the Rubicon in August. Does that answer your question???:p

Seriously, I'm ready!!! By then I'll have project #2 done hopefully.

Project #2 will be another roll cage with tubular doors. I'm also thinkin about doing a exo-cage. Thats still in the works though.

Project #3 will be custom interior. Diamond plate flooring with Racing seats.

Project #4 will be a SAS. Consist of coil-overs and a 3 link set-up. Thats ready to go but I'm waiting to get my wedding over. So it'll be a winter project.


Nice bumper...I was thinking the same thing but incorporating my Warn Combo kit with it.
but My question is do you think if you put a tow bar on that bumper would it work. I'm asking cause I'm moving down to Texas and cant afford a trailer and this seemed like a good solution??? What do you think??

Well since last saturday when I finished the bumpers I have done everything with them and they are still there.

I actually tested the strength by strapping to a F-350 and trying to pull it with the e-brake on and on pavement. Needless to say I broke every strap and one winch line trying and the bumpers never let go.

All in all I'm very happy with my work.

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Ugly trucks are good. People get out of the way for ugly trucks.