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New Deck Question


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July 8, 2004
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'98 Sport
I had the same old problem where my stereo LED stopped showing up and went without it for months and months. I finally decided to get a new deck and I got it installed today. I got the wiring harness on and everything and hooked it up but I came across a situation where I had one ground wire from the stereo and 2 grounding wires from the harness(Chassis Ground and Amp Ground). I went ahead and only hooked the Chassis Ground up to the grounding from the stereo. Now the whole stereo is plugged in and everything and when I change the station, mess with equalizer settings, change track on the cd, switch from loud to not loud or the other way around and turn it off. It makes this loud noise like if you plugged your guitar into an amp with the amp on(sorry for horrible visuals but its all I can relate it to). Its really not that big of a deal because I am sure I can get past that sound.

I have a Pioneer DEH-4600MP.

Any help is much appreciated. My main question is should I have hooked the 2 ground wires from the harness together to the ground wire from the deck or what? Whats causing the loud sound when I do the listed things above?

Other than all that the radio sounds great and it works perfectly from what I can see.

Noone knows what the problem is?

I'll give it a shot!
Are you sure you got the proper harness? The reason I ask is because older X's stereos had a seperate amp, so there may have been a seperate ground for the amp. Take a look at your harness connection. Where the "chassis ground" goes into the harness, look to see if there is a wire on the other side of the harness. Do the same for the "amp ground". Sounds like you have no ground connection for the new radio. If this is true, just swap the chassis & amp ground. Or, I don't think you would hurt anything by connecting the grounds together. The noise you described almost always indicates a poor or no ground connection....
good luck, let us know how you make out!

Okay, I went out and spent a bit messing with the groundings. First I hooked up both grounding wires from the wiring harness to the grounding wire from the stereo and this didnt take the problem away. Second I hooked the grounding wire up to the chassis of the car directly and that didnt do it either. Finally I tried to hook both wires to the grounding wire from the stereo and took a wire from the chassis of the car to the chassis of the head unit and that didnt work.

I now think that I may have mini amps attached to my rear speakers and they are recieving to much power. I am just going to live with the sound for a little bit until I feel like buying some new speakers.

Thanks for all the help.