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New Diff - Does it matter how I clock the driveshaft when attaching to pinion flange?


April 15, 2009
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2003 Mountaineer 4.6 AWD
So, got the new diff installed. I also got the driveshaft bolted back up. I cleaned the threads, and put new loctite (red) and thread sealant per the service manual.

So obviously I marked it upon removal, but this is a whole new diff. So, I just bolted it up.

I noticed as I was turning it to tighten them in the alternating pattern that the pinion flange has a few areas where material is drilled out on the edge. It looks like material removed to balance it.

So I took note of where they were, and where they are on the old one.

When I then look at the small weight on the driveshaft, I didn't line the two up the same way.

On the old one, the driveshaft weight and the area drilled out is pretty far apart (about 12 o'clock and 4 o'clock). On the new, the way I mounted it, it's more like 12 o'clock and 1 o'clock.'s in and torqued. Am I good or should I clock it to match?

I'm assuming the following:

It probably doesn't really matter.

The pinion flange is balanced as a unit for install in the diff. It's not balanced with a driveshaft attached.

The driveshaft is balanced with the ujoints and ds flanges installed. Its not balanced on the car as unit with the TC and diff bolted to it.

Agree on those assumptions?

If so - am I good? Or should I pull them out, clean the threads off and reapply/re-torque?

I may just for OCD purposes and before the loctite dries...but curious for thoughts. Maybe I'm overthinking it. :)

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So since I had everything out, I clocked it and retorqued. Took 10min so figured why not. :)

Still, can we assume the diff and driveshaft are inedpently balanced and thus the position isnt super important, or has anyone experienced issues not clocking it right?

My assumptions are the same. I don't see how it could be balanced together.
But now you'll sleep better tonight, right?

I have done a few and the only one I had to re-clock the shaft on was my mountaineer. It had a strong vibration at 65mph and up. Going 180 on the driveshaft at the diff made it much better.