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New EBC Performance pads and rotors


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July 26, 2004
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'97 XLT
Well I pulled the trigger after a few years of wanting to upgrade my brakes. I'm pretty hard on my truck and wanted to boost my stopping power. After a lot of research I settled on EBC Green Stuff pads and EBC Ultimax USR slotted rotors.

I installed these Saturday at my friend's shop. The verdict so far after a day is that I am very happy and impressed. Previously, I was not actually able to lock up the tires and squeal the rubber when slamming on the brakes - it was always just a rapid deceleration. With this upgrade, I can completely lock the tires up and stopping distance is dramatically reduced. Worth every penny, to me. Much improved stopping power and as such, much improved safety.

Definitely recommend this combination of pads and rotors. :thumbsup:









Did you do the front and rear? And how much did all that run ya?

I've used EBC Greens on several different cars and have always liked their performance. I never used their rotors though- just went with a generic blank from the autopart store.

My current pads are some ceramic junk with a lifetime warranty. Once warmed up, they bite well. But that first stop after cruising on the highway for awhile seems less than confidence inspiring. And on the trail, it seems like I can't lock the brakes at times- but maybe that's just because I'm on a steep section going over rocks and gravity is a mother......

gfc - yes, front and rear. And I want to say between $500 - $600, but I ordered these way back in September so I don't remember exactly.