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New Elite here..

hey guys..just got the elite!!been a lurker on here for a while..and have always found it very usefull when i encountered problems with the in Hoover, AL at the moment and im working on my third explorer..Had a 91 EB explorer first and it got killed by some old old lady that ran a red light :( Next was my 00 XLS 4x4..she got killed in a freak occurance of explorer on explorer violence when a young lady decided to pull infront of my on a two lane road..


i lost my spleen and nearly died twice..i almost decided to get a XJ and not another explorer..but i stayed true and got a good deal on a 00 XLT 4x4..


it took me a spleen, but it looks like im finally gonna be gettin me a nice SAS done this spring..i will keep the updates coming when it starts..just wanna say thanks to all those that have helped me in the past and those to come(cause im gonna have a bunch regarding the sas..) just to warn you

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Glad to hear you are O.K.

Thank You for helping to support the site:)

#2, yep,hoover but originally from Tuscaloosa..RoLL TIDE!!lol..

thanks..been wanting to for a while..just went a head and did it today..lets hope no one else tries to kill this explorer..

Nice xploder! :D Welcome to eliteness!

i dont know about that

LOL!!didnt think you would like that..but least we got one thing in common..the love for maybe a truce is in order until the iron bowl weekend??

Thanks Chic and Dozier..its been a while since i've been on the sXc forum..the XLT had less miles on it than the XLS when i bought it..and all those other lil extra features the XLT has..kinda

Nice lookin' XLT. I was looking for one just like that when I decided to trade in my '00 Sport (same colour) on a 4 door. I love the Sport package on the XLT. Ended up with an Eddie Bauer instead.

Congrats on eliteness.

thought i would post a another explorer..#4 for me so she is..


i will..hopefully taking it out this weekend..

if ya want u can those plates to me and i can put em use again :D

if ya want u can those plates to me and i can put em use again :D

hehe..i would but actually my buddy already asked for one for his bar and im gonna keep the one up front..