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New Explorer owner, '94

Well, after 25 years of owning Ford 4X4's I have just picked up my first ever Explorer. Got it home about an hour ago and just found this site.

Picked up a used '94 XLT, with 130,000 kilometers, that's about 80,000 miles. Totally stock. Previous owner was obviously excessively **** as the truck is perfect and has all the original books in it's zipper pouch, original cargo net and everything *LL*.

Decided it was time to replace the old '83 Marquis that was our second vehicle with this, much more practical and way easier for me to get in and out of.

My main truck is a '00 F-350 PSD, CC, dually 6 speed, purchased new in '00. Replaced the '77 F-250 I bought new in '77.

This Explorer seems like a really nice unit, 4.0L, automatic, all kinds of options, including factory running boards and sunroof, dual power seats and the whole bit.

Really look forward to learning about my new ride on this site and finding out just how true it is about the trans being weak. The fluid is dark, so I will be taking it to the shop for a flush and filter. Came with a 30 day full powertrain warranty.


Yeah, it's red too ;)


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Welcome to the site as I am sure you will enjoy it and the other members. Nothing is better than an "****" previous owner. My dad just gave my little sister his old 91 Honda Accord which is still in mint condition and only has 45,000 miles. He used to make us take our shoes off to get in it for crying out loud so needless to say my little sister has her self a fine automobile now.