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New Explorer owner needs lift help??


June 7, 2007
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92' XLT
I just bought a 94' Explorer Limited 4x4. I'm new to Ford 4wd's, and don't know a great deal about them. It has a full 3" suspension lift with all the drop down brackets, and 3" coil springs up front. I want to put 2" coil spacers under my front 3" lift springs to get a little more lift. Can I acheive a good alignment with my current 3" lift kit, and 2" coil spacers if I get some adjustable camber bushings( I think I've seen +/-3.5 degree bushings)? I don't want to get the 2" coil spacers, and then find out that I can't get my front end aligned right. Any light shed would be great.

Thanks, Zach

Welcome to the Forum! my personal opinion, i would say not...i don't know your current configuration but, most lift kits have different axle pivot brackets for different size lifts...i would just upgrade the lift to a 5 - 5-1/2" will be changing your pivot brackets, radius arms and brackets, coils, and shocks, when with the 2" spacers you are trying to force it to do something your lift is not designed to do...just my 2 cents...:D

wouldn't adding a 2" coil spacer to an existing 3" lift kit be the same as adding a 2" coil spacer to a stock vehicle? From what I've been told you don't need all the drop brackets for just the 2" lift on a stock truck.