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New Explorer owner with a question about trailer lights.

Hey everyone! Brand new owner of a '99 V8 / AWD Eddie Bauer model here :) Just found these forums and I have to say, from browsing around a bit, seems like everyone here is very helpful, and that there's a lot of knowledge on here. That's pretty rare so I think I'll enjoy my stay here. That said, I have a question that I did search for the answer to, but it's so general (one would think) that it's hard to find the right info.

I'm wondering if someone can tell me exactly where the factory hookup for trailer lights would be on my X? I'm planning on flat towing a car and need a 4-pin slot style connector for lights to put on top of it. I read that there should be a connector under the bumper on the driver's side, but I don't see that. Then I further read that this connector is a separate harness which plugs into a connector in the jack storage area. I don't think I have that harness. Is it still available from Ford? If not, how hard would it be to make my own? I need this ASAP as I'm planning on leaving tomorrow with the car attached. (Procrastination kills...)

Any pictures or diagrams would be great! I'll try and take some pictures myself as well. Thanks in advance!

P.S. - I'm positive it does have the tow has the transmission cooler, and the LS 3.37 (axle code D4). It also has a spot for a ball in the bumper.


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I wasn't able to find any pictures, but the above thread has a few posts describing the location of the connector underneath your bumper. I don't believe all explorers have this connection, but if yours does, it probably has a red nipple cover over it. You'll still need the wire to connect to it though. I bought my explorer used, and my connecting wire was in the storage space behind the removable panel in the cargo area.

Good luck.

Edit: This post talks about where to get the connector: