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New Explorer owner

Baby Mobile

December 17, 2003
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City, State
Wichita, KS
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2000 XLT
Hi to everyone from Wichita, KS. Because we just had our first baby on 12/12/03. I just traded my precious 97 F150 short bed reg. cab for the 2000 Explorer XLT 4dr 2wd, 4.0 sohc, auto.

I will not be modding the Explorer, but hope to find great info and discuss things with fellow owners. We're very happy with the baby mobile so far.

Other vehicles include a 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 5spd and a 2002 Honda CBR 954RR.


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welcome to the site

Cool a explorer and mustang owner:D


"I will not be modding the Explorer..."
LOL, just wait ;) Spend some time here, and wait to be sucked in by the dark side :D

Nice choice of color. ;) Welcome aboard!

Welcome!!! And congratulations on your new baby :)

Right on, Welcome. We have an 85LX Vert and a 94 exsport.

Welcome to the site, and congrats on the new family member!


nice combo, X and stang! :D


congrads on the new x....looks great man....need to feed us some pics of that mustang also...but cool lookin x...need help this is the place to get it...:cool:


Alright another KANSAS member !!!!