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new explorer project coming in May!


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March 15, 2004
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Chantilly, Virginia
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2001 sport
Thats right I'm coming back in May if not sooner! I'll be selling my subaru wrx and hopfully getting a new 01/02 sport if I can find one with low miles at the right price. I plan on setting it up just like the old one but better! maybe this time I'll get the soa done and i still have a old heep cj bumper with class 3 hitch, a spare 33 mtr, and my high lift so keep a look out for me. best thing is this time I don't have a nagging wife to deal with.
Can you do an soa with the tt instead of shackels and it still be level?

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There is an 02 sport for sale 3 blocks from my house for sale its deep wedgewood blue color and its 4x4 and they are asking 4,500 for it and it has 88K miles on it.

i got an 01 sport and i am not selling mine but mine has like 75,490 miles on it and mine is a 4x2

Welcome Back! I think an SOA gave you like 5inches in the rear? So you would need to do more than a TT in the front. Goodluck finding yourself another truck. :)

i hope i find one in may i seen one but i need to get some of my loan paid off on the wrx to build credit. I just took my sister's heep wrangler out man I miss my x that thing was a beast offroad even with 3.73 stock gears 33's and open diffs crossing narrow creeks with steep grades with ease and a lilttle throttle.

What happened with your old ex? I too would miss having an ex because of how good they are off-road but one thing I wouldn't miss is the price ya pay to fuel it up.

it got totaled i had a post with pics and what not. but i pay just about the same with my wrx cause i have to use 93 but i can go a little farther instead of 230 miles to a tank (mainly highway miles) on the x i get about 280 290 roughly in the subaru

ok so its past May and I have yet to get a new explorer but I'm starting to look again cause with the gas dealerships are just giving them away just need to find one for a straight up trade just hope they will pay off my wrx lol if not soon I will hopfully get one in Nov when loan should be at half paid off till then I'm dreamin of my new rig all these lifted tracs make me what one even more