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New Explorer // South, TX


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February 15, 2014
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Lake Jackson, TX
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2005 Ford Explorer Limit
What's up fellas,

Just pulled the trigger and bought an Explorer, mostly for weekdays & work. After a week of looking at 03-08 Chevy TrailBlazers, Explorers, Rangers, etc, I found a decent deal on a 2005 Ford Explorer Limited (4.0 V6) and went with it. Here's a few pictures of it.. I won't even say 'Yeah I'm just going to keep it stock for awhile and see how it goes' because I've already seen 5 posts/mods that look pretty legit and this isn't my first forum.. Lol.. My wifey hates those "message boards.. all those guys do is spend money!!"..but hey, at least she blames everyone on the forum... Anyway.. Hope to talk w/ y'all soon.




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Welcome to the forum.

Tell your wife that forums help you save money, by learning how to diagnose and fix the problems yourself instead of being at the mercy of a high dollar repair shop :D

Nice looking Explorer:chug:

Welcome to this forum! This site has a section for ladies, so tell your wife that she could join, and see what this place is about. Maybe she will change her opinion of forums once she gets to like it here.

Welcome aboard!! :salute:

Nice looking Ex. :eek:

Be sure to check out the 3rd Generation Sub-Forums:

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Good luck and Happy Exploring!

Thanks for the informative replies! Semper Fi!