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New from Vancouver Island Canada


December 20, 2011
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Comox BC
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1994sport/Built 1996 Z28
So i just bought a 1994 Explorer that is unbelievably clean..i am very happy with the truck. Its completely stock for now first mod will be a CAI then a 4 in lift with some tires. I am planning on using this as my daily and most of my driving will be city but i want the ability to take off into some trails since it a pretty big motor sport in my area. This is my first potential off road capable veichle i have mostly been a car guy untill a few months ago when i met a guy on a course that is right into this took me offroad with one of his trucks and now i love it. ..this past summer i finished a 96 z28 build hoping for 400 whp on the dyno when we get back into summer. i have some vids and pics if anyone wants to see just let me know.
Anyway im glad to find this site it has already been very helpful and i will use this a resource for my build to come.



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Go go **** star red interior!

Had that on my 1989 Mustang. Awesome.

Welcome to this forum!

Hey man, nice rig. Lots of potential there.

Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the forum! I definitely like the fact that it is a manual. There really aren't too many of them but they are great trucks!