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New front bumper

i ordered my locker last night/this morning at like... 2 30am... i hope i got the right one. i got the ford 8.8 31 spline open carrier.

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my bumper is finally done., except for maybe a second coat of paint. i didnt take pictures of the bumper in particular, but my dad was taking pictures at The Cliffs, and he got some decent shots of the bumper.

theres some flags in the way on this one.

i was crawling over this lump, it was just so dry out it looks like i'm cruising.

Truck looks good, Aric. Did you guys roast yourselves out there this past weekend? I got a little sunburn just washing my wife's truck on Saturday!

even tho most of the time we were in the shade in the woods, i still got a little red, not bad tho. and my dad and i went through a whole cooler of gatorade and water. i could only imagine if i went wheelin friday or saturday. the only thing i dont like about my bumper is that the aluminum skid plate attracts sooo much heat, but maybe it will act like a heat sink since there is quiet some space between the plate and the parts in the engine(minus tranny cooler lines)

You could always use a hole saw to add some "cooling" holes to the plate. That would allow some air to circulate behind the plate without sacrificing it's integrity. If I recall, most desert racer's trucks have holes there.

i may do that, but i dont have a hole saw, i have hole cutting bits for a drill, but they are meant for wood. So you definitely need to let me know when your truck is ready to go froading, and we should go hit the trails.

With respect to 'wheeling, hopefully later this summer. As for the hole saw, no don't use the tool for wood, you'll ruin it (but, you knew that). I have a 2" hole saw you can borrow, if you really want to cut some holes in that plate.

i think it is ok for now. when i start overheating, and getting problems like that, i'll be concerned about it, buti beleive it is ok for now. hopefully it is acting like a heat sink and pulling the heat away.from the radiator, who knows. i'm no engineer. one of my buddies with a sweet jeep is getting his license back in august, so hopefully you can join us then. i plan on wheeling again late july if money allows. (between regearing and warped tour, i dont know if i'll have enough to spare to go wheeling) my last trip didnt cost me too much. (anenna spring mount so i dont break another cb antena [$8], 1/2 tank of gas [$20 roughly] and thats for going there, wheeling and coming back, power wash [roughly $12], and admission [$13 for my dad and i]. $50 isnt bad considering it was alot of fun. and as for what i said previously, i meant that they are wood bits, and not meant for metal. that was a brain fart. sorry. and i got all 4 lights on the bumper and hooked up. i need to clean up the wiring a little better and put my final switch in the console( i just have a temporary setup right now) i dont have daytime pics yet, but i have the night time shot(its my icon).


welllll.... i've got a few new tools for the garage and i wanted to try them out. so i did a little work on my front bumper. this isnt going to be the only bumper that will ever be on the truck, but i made it look a bit better, do i dont have to make a completely new one.... yet. :)


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:thumbsup: Looks awesome.

nice bumper it looks awesome