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New Gears????

Im planning on puttitng some 32's on my 94 explorer with my 3'' body lift but im wondering if i shuld get new gears i have 3.73's And if i shuld where would i get them and how much are they. i really dont weant to re gear tho please help


I currently have 32's with 3.27 ratio. It is a DOG off the line and really doesn't have enough power for the trails.
My 4.10 gears should be here by tomorrow. 3.73 should be fine I think, but I will eventually go up in tire size, so I went high(low) on gears.
I got mine from 4Wheel Parts and it cost around $300
I do think that you should be fine with the 3.73

You can get buy with 3.73 gears. But as Ryan wrote 4.10s would be better, but its going to cost ($$) for installation.

Hey Ryan (Rino351) are you putting in your gears yourself?

Yes, my dad and I will be putting them in ourselves. He is very good with cars.
He completely restored a '69 Mustang Fastback from the ground up, including the engine and transmission and axles.
I wouldn't recommend installing them yourself unless you really know what you are doing-- it is very easy to screw up :)

Some things to consider when selecting axle gear ratio. Is the vehicle a daily driver? Is it going to see mostly trails or mostly pavement? Do expect to go to a larger tire size? Do you tow? Do you want to spin the tires? Do you care about fuel econemy?