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NEW! Guidelines for Posting in this Forum

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Hey Everybody, just posting the division between what is appropriate to post in the All Other Makes and Models Forum, and what is appropriate to post in the Ford Industry News forum.

All Other Makes and Models: This forum is meant for discussion of any and all vehicles that are not the Ford Explorer. All vehicles from any other manufacturer, or news about upcoming models from Ford's competition should be discussed here. Discussion of other Ford vehicles that we already know and love is also appropriate.

Example "Chrysler Concorde", "Look at this cool F150!" both appropriate here.

Ford Industry News: This forum is for discussion of the Ford Motor Company and its position in the Automotive Industry as a whole. New and upcoming Ford or Ford owned models, sales figures, Ford press releases etc are all appropriate here.

Example "All new Mustang concept!" or "Ford issues sales figures for Q1 2003" both appropriate here.

Also, I'd like to ask that nobody disparage anyone else's vehicle choice. We all love Explorers, but this forum is for talking about vehicles that aren't Explorers. Posting "Why? Just get an Explorer..." is not appropriate. Discuss the topics, keep any disagreements from being personal, and follow the general posting guidelines of the forum

Thanks everyone, if anyone has any questions, just PM me!

Not open for further replies.